Mercury 30HP Electric Start 2 Stroke Outboard 20″


Run Smooth. Stay cool too.

Mercury mid-range TwoStrokes feature high-volume, low pressure, floppy-vane water impellers to help keep operating temperatures down… even in heavily silted or salty estuarine waters.

Proven TwoStroke Technology

Simple in design with a large displacement powerhead provides better efficiency under heavy loads

Looped Charged Induction

Loop charged induction maximizes the fuel/air for more complete combustion. which boosts power and fuel efficiency

CD Ignition

Modular design that delivers high voltage spark for quick, sure starting and improved running quality.

Through Prop Exhaust

Exhaust gases are routed down thru the drive unit and are allowed to exit through the propeller

Thermostatically controlled cooling system

Thermostat controlled cooling system for consistent engine temperature

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HP/kW @ Prop
25 / 18
Displacement (CID/CC)
26.3 / 430
Cylinder Configuration
Full throttle RPM
5000 – 6000
Fuel induction system
Loop-charged (1 carb)
Shaft length
20″ / 508 mm
Gearcase ratio
1.92 : 1
Dry weight *Lightest model available
Bore and stroke
68 x 59
Trim positions
Oil Injection