Mercury Avator 7.5e Electric Outboard 15″ (short shaft)

Original price was: $6,498.00.Current price is: $6,225.00.


Original price was: $6,498.00.Current price is: $6,225.00.

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Christmas Special $6,225 (RRP $6,498)

The Mercury® Avator™ 7.5e electric outboard delivers clean, quiet power in a portable package that’s as simple to use as it is fun to drive. Quick-connect batteries and intuitive controls make setup and operation a breeze. And with advanced displays and other technologies that monitor your battery level and range, you can explore the water with confidence. Just grab the controls and point the bow toward adventure. Avator makes getting there effortless.

Experience a new way to Go Boldly with Mercury® Avator™ electric outboards. Calm, quiet and smooth, with intuitive controls and advanced technologies that monitor your battery level and range, an Avator outboard lets you fully immerse yourself in nature, while exploring the water with confidence.

Avator is intelligent, all-electric propulsion, designed to make exploring effortless.

With its whisper-quiet motor and ultra-smooth performance, an Avator electric outboard lets you hear every detail of every adventure. It’s outboard technology with no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions, and each outboard is crafted with many components that are recyclable or reusable.

HP/kW @ Prop 750 Watts

Controls Top Console Mount or Panel Mount Multifunctional Tiller

Handle Steering


Engine Protection System

Low voltage warning (Visual & Alarm)

Input Power 916W

Rated Propshaft Power 750W

Rated Voltage 48

Battery Integrated 1kWh

Battery Type Li-Ion

Charger (Standard) 110W

Total Weight (Excluding Battery & Transom Bracket) 37 lbs / 16.7 kgs

Total Weight Excluding Battery 43 lbs / 19.5 kgs.

Battery Weight (1kWh) 16 lbs / 7.1 kgs

Shaft length 15″ / 381 mm 20″ / 508 mm 25″ / 635 mm

Standard Propeller (Dia. X Pitch) 12.7 x 7